July 21, 2019

Resume Tips & Tricks

4 Things to Avoid When Constructing Your Resume

Resume Tips + Tricks
These 4 tips may sound harsh, especially if your resume is riddled with them. Don’t take it personal, we only know because we’ve been there. Try your best to avoid these items while constructing your resume. Tweak [...]
Resume Tips + Tricks

3 Things to Do Before You Hit Submit on an Application

You finally did it! You’ve filled out the entire application of your desired position to the T. You’re feeling good, you’re sitting back, and your finger hovers over your mouse, ready to press submit. STOP! Just one [...]
Resume Tips + Tricks

When a Cover Letter Might Not Matter

One of the most dreaded things when it comes to job searching is networking. It comes with small talk, talking about the self, and just putting yourself in an uncomfortable situation. There is a reason, [...]
Resume Tips + Tricks

Best 5 Resume Writing Tips

There is a reason why finding the perfect job takes a lot of time. You have to be meticulous and follow the most up to date ‘best practices’ to make sure your resume gets tossed [...]

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